A Ministry Dedicated to Freeing Prisoners on the Inside
"If the Son of God sets you free, you will be free indeed."  John 8:36

Welcome! My name is Tom and I am in the 6th grade.  I want to share with you a passion that God has laid on my heart. About 6 months ago I began to think a lot about prisoners and I wanted to do something to help free them. Not necessarily free them from prison, but free them from bars of sin. Prisoners are enslaved, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized we are all enslaved by something. “Bars” mean different things.  Prison bars, of course, but also the bars of sin that have enslaved each of us. All of us have sinned, and no one is greater than another individual.

       I did some research and found that 80% of all people who get out of jail are back in jail at some time of their life. They haven’t changed. The other 20% may not go back to jail, but may still be enslaved, by sin. How do we change this? Does it seem impossible? If you answered yes, you are right. But with God, anything is possible.  How did Moses part the Red Sea? It’s impossible. He did it with God. How did Daniel survive a night with the lions in the Lion’s Den? He did it with God. God’s miracles could fill thousands of books and keep going.

       I began to think that by getting a bible into the hands of prisoners the impossible could become possible. The people in prison have a life, a heart and may have a family. Bibles Behind Bars can free prisoners, in prison, and outside of prison. About a month ago, I started raising money to purchase bibles. I am happy to say that as of last week I raised enough money to purchase 72 bibles. I purchased a bible specially made for prisoners, called the “Free on the Inside” bible.  It contains special sections that help the prisoners to find God through their situation.  Below is a picture of me receiving these first 3 boxes of bibles.  The first three cases of bibles will be given to the Kolbe House to be given to prisoners in Illinois. Kolbe House is part of the Department of Parish Life and Formation of the Archdiocese of Chicago and deals directly with those involved in the criminal justice system.   The next cases of bibles I purchase will be in Spanish and donated to the Willow Creek Community Church Prison Ministry for use at the Kane County Jail.

       As of now, these bibles will go to inmates in Illinois only. But in my opinion, the sky’s the limit. I will  donate all the bibles I get to Christian prison ministries that need them.  My hope is to give bibles to many prisoners worldwide, and I know that this is just the beginning. Please pray for the prisoners and this ministry. God can do a mighty work by getting His word to those enslaved. With God’s strength, change from the inside out can happen. So, if we all work together to help the enslaved, anything is possible. With God we can save prisoners from their jail of sin and help them find freedom on the inside. If you know a prison ministry that needs bibles, are interested in donating bibles or just have a question, feel free to email me at info@biblesbehindbars.com  Thank you.

Photo Gallery


This is the article published in the New World on March 17th. 


This is a picture of me donating four cases of bibles to the Kolbe House prison ministry. Pictured here are Deacon Pablo Perez, Fr Bill (St. James pastor), yours truly and Mrs. Pappas (St. James principal). 


This is a picture I drew almost a year ago when I first started thinking about Bibles Behind Bars. 


This is me on the day I received the first shipment of bibles. 

(Bibles Donated)
If you would like to donate to Bibles Behind Bars to increase this count, click here.  If you are a Christian Prison Ministry in need of bibles or have a question,  contact me at info@biblesbehindbars.com or visit my Facebook page.

of all contributions go directly to the purchase of bibles.

News Updates

St. James Students Provide Christmas Cards to Prisoners 
Tom and several other St. James students went to the Kolbe house on December 13 to stamp envelopes. These stamped envelopes, along with Christmas cards, were then taken to prisoners so they could send a card to a family member. 


Friends of the Ministry 
Here is a picture of Tom and Maria, a friend of the Bibles Behind Bars ministry. 


Spotlight Youth Theatre Sponsors Bibles Behind Bars 
The Northwest Cook chapter of Spotlight Youth Theatre selected Bibles Behind Bars as the charity it will contribute to during its production of Bye Bye Birdie this spring. Come see the show, where Tom plays the role of Randolph MacAfee. Information about Spotlight and the production can be seen here. 


Kolbe House Collects Bibles, Presents Tom with Certificate of Appreciation 
A Kolbe house representative came to St. James school and collected four cases of bibles donated by Bibles Behind Bars. Tom was presented with a certificate of appreciation that thanked him for his ministry to help those incarcerated and fulfill the gospel mandate "I was in prison and you visited me."  


Kolbe House to Collect Bibles on Feb. 28 
Rev. Arturo Perez Rodriguez, the director of the Kolbe House prison ministry, will come to St. James school on February 28 to take the first three cases of bibles from Tom for delivery within Illinois prisons.  


Willow Creek Prison Ministry Requests Spanish Bibles 
The Willow Creek Prison Ministry requested Spanish language bibles for use at the Kane County Jail. The ministry has just delivered three cases of bibles to Willow Creek. 


New World Newspaper Interviews Tom for Story 
The New World Catholic newspaper interviewed Tom for a story to appear in the March 17-30 issue of the paper.  


Tom shares BBB Vision with St. James Students 
Tom shared his ministry vision with the students of St. James School during a student Mass. Thanks to Fr. Bill, Fr. Joji and Mrs. Pappas for making this possible. 


First Donations Received 
The first donations to Bibles Behind Bars were received from a family serving group from The Orchard Evangelical Free Church. These donations allowed the ministry to buy its first 3 cases of bibles. Two cases are in English and one case is in Spanish. 


Tom Starts Ministry with $100 of His Own Funds 
On January 9th, 2013, Tom donated a large percentage (most) of his birthday and Christmas savings to start the Bibles Behind Bars ministry.